Christmas Music

A performance for the festive season!

Nadine offers a performance of any duration, from just one song, up to a 45 minute performance.

According to your budget, Nadine can either perform solo or with more musicians.

  1. Solo – with professional backing tracks recorded by Nadine herself.
    When booked as a solo violinist, Nadine is able to replicate the below video; she will play the melody on the violin and the other instruments you see on this video will be on the backing track.
    Nadine will bring a portable small speaker to play the backing tracks on.
    If the venue is big, she will bring her amplifier and also mic up the violin.
  2. Duo or Trio – Since she can’t perform all instruments at the same time live, she can book another guitarist and violinist in order to form a trio as in this video.

Audio & Video