Main Groups & Collaborations; AVAILABLE TO BOOK


  • 2 violins & simultaneous drums –
  • Violin & Beatbox/vox/guitar show –
  • Marini Quintet gypsy band (click HERE for video)
  • Lisa Marini blues/gypsy/folk Band (click HERE for video including my solo)
  • Acoustic Pop & Jazz Trio; violin, acoustic guitar and vocals (pop cover video: click HERE )
  • Violin & acoustic Guitar duo with James Bennett; jazz/rock/covers/folk (klezmer video here )
  • Nafra (Maltese contemporary folk fusion ensemble) (click HERE for video)
  • Collaborations with Blam! Jazz Quartet

Classical Comedy Show:


  • Violin & Piano duos with Hamish Brown (click HERE for video)
  • Violin & Harp duo with Cecilia Sultana de Maria (click HERE for audio)
  • Crossbreed Ensemble (contemporary music ensemble- cross art projects)
  • Violin & Piano duo with Christine Zerafa  (click HERE for video)
  • Galea piano trio (click HERE for audio)
  • Galea String Ensembles: quartet & duos

Nadine also has a vast network of musicians that she works with, and has played in numerous types of ensembles. If you require a string duo/trio/quartet or any other combination with other instruments for a concert or event please get in touch for details and repertoire lists.

Some of Nadine’s Previous Ensembles:

Violin and Piano duos with Riyad Nicolas, Selim Mazari.

Collaborations with international DJ/Composer Kate Simko and principal violinist of Simko’s London Electronic Orchestra

Violin-viola-bass trio with Patrick Rutland (viola) and Margarida Castro (double bass)
Piano trio
Early music trio- 2 violins and harpsichord with Merce Escanellas (violin) and Ewa Tytman (Harpsichord)
The Unstable Jazz band

Audio & Video